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ETTE’s principle of business not only focuses on creating a more comfortable and safe space for the clients, but also increasing the client’s quality of life style by producing a modern, esthetic, and unique space.
1LS Cable Vietnam Co., Ltd.OfficeNhon trach2007.05
2Dongil Engineering Co., Ltd.Furniture for officeBien hoa2007.08
3Kumho Tire co., Ltd.Toilet partitionMy phuoc ii2007.09
4Halla Cement Co., Ltd.Toilet partitionNhon trach2007.01
5Dong sung Chemical Co., Ltd.Toilet partitionBien Hoa II2007.11
6Kumho Tire Co., Ltd.President room, Video conference roomMy phuoc ii, binh duong2007.12
7Posco-VHPCOffice, Dormitory with furnitureNhon Trach V2007.12
8DJV Co., Ltd.Furniture for Office, DormitoryMy phuoc III2008.03
9Samhwan Vietnam Co., Ltd.Furniture for Office, DormitoryNhon trach2008.04
10GS E&CFurniture for OfficeNguyen Trai st., HCMC2008.04
11Tous Les Jours2nd ShopDiamond plaza2008.04
12Hyosung Tire CodeToilet partitionNhon Trach II2008.06
13Hyundai Merchant Marine Vietnam Co., Ltd.Office with furnitureHam Nghi st., HCMC2008.08
14LEE & VinaBuyer room with furnitureBinh Duong2008.08
15N.S.KToilet partitionLong Thanh ip2008.09
16L & S VinaFurniture for officeBinh Duong2008.09
17Tous Les Jours3rd ShopTran Hung dao st.,2008.09
18Hyosung Tire CodeToilet partitionNhon trach II2008.01
19Hyundai Delivery Co., Ltd.Furniture for officeVo ban tan st.,2008.01
20AJU Vietnam Co., Ltd.Restaurant, Offices, Reception, DormitoryNhon trach2008.11
21Vina Halla Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd.Reception, Office, RestaurantMy xuan ip, baria-vun tau2008.11
22Tous Les Jours4th shopNguyen Thi Minh Khai2009.02
23KCC (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.Show room with furtureLong thanh i.P., Dong nai prov.2009.03
24Doosan Heavy Industry Apartment1st sample houseVan tuong, quang nai prov.2009.04
25Posco-VietnamHCM Marketing officeDiamond plaza 9F2009.04
26Doosan Heavy Industry Apartment2nd sample houseVan tuong, quang nai Prov.2009.09
27Posco-Vietnam DormitoryInterior with furniturePhu My, brvt Prov.2009.01
28Doosan Heavy Industry ApartmentFurniture InstallationVan tuong, quang nai Prov.2009.11
29Posco-VietnamConvenient Building RemodelingPhu My, brvt Prov.2010.01
30Posco-VietnamFactory Main Office, President room &Phu My, BR-VT Prov.2010.03
VIP Reception Remodeling
31Posco-VST HCMCMarketing officeDiamond plaza 7F2010.03
32AJU Vietnam Co., Ltd.HCMC officeBinh chanh Dist.2010.04
33Vina Halla Co., Ltd.2nd officeMy Xuan A, BR- VT Prov.2010.04
34Posco-VietnamFactory gate roof workPhu My, BR-VT Prov.2010.05
35Hyundai Vina ShinVIP Reception room RemodelingNha Trang, Khanh Hoa Prov.2010.09
36Posco-ICTHCMC Representative officeDiamond plaza 6F, Dist., 12010.01
37Kostee Vietnam Co., Ltd.Office RemodelingNhon Trach II2010.12
38Hyupjin Vina co., Ltd.OfficeNguyen Trai, Dist. 12009.12
39Posco-VietnamMaintenance WorkingPhu My, BR-VU Prov.2010.07
40Posco-VietnamMaintenance WorkingPhu My, BR-VU Prov.2011.01
41Hyundai Vina ShinGuest House InnovationNha Trang, Khanh Hoa Prov.2011.01
42LS Cable & System Vietnam Co., Ltd.CI Change WorkingNhon Trach2011.06
43Posco-South AisaHCM Reoresentaive Office InteriorDiamod Plaza, HCMC2011.06
44Posco-VietnamHCM Marketing Office Extension WorkingDiamod Plaza, HCMC2011.07
45Posco-VietnamFactory Main Office B/D 1F RemodelingPhu My, BR-VT2011.07
46Posco-VstFactory Office B/D Interior Design Service ContractNhon Trach, Dong Nai2011.09
47Posco-VstHCM Office Interior WorkingNhon Trach, Dong Nai2011.09
48Posco-VietnamFactory CI and Sign WorkingPhu My, BR-VT2011.01
49Posco-South AisaHCM Representative office Interior (Plan)Phu My, brvt Prov.2011.12
50Posco-VietnamHCM Marketing Office Re-extension Working (Plan)Diamod Plaza, HCMC2011.12
51POSCO – VN CO.,LTDDesign and building of cleaning roomPhu My, BR-VT2012.03
Supply and install white board
52LS Cable & System VN Co.,LtdSupply and installation of interiorNhon Trach, Dong Nai2012.01
Repair, supply and installation
of toilet room equipment2012.03
Supply and installation of showroom2012.05
Supply and installation of interior2012.05
53HYOSUNG VIETNAM CO.,LTDSupply and installation of interiorNhon Trach, Dong Nai2011.04
54POSCO-VST CO.,LTDDesign of interiorNhon Trach,Dong Nai2012.01
55LEE & VINA CO.,LTDSupply and installation of interiorThuan An, Binh Duong2012.04
56L&S VINA CO.,LTDSupply and installation of curtainThuan An, Binh Duong2012.04
57POSCO VHPC CO.,LTDRepair, supply and installation of interiorNhon Trach, Dong Nai2012.05
58LG Vina Cosme csToilet & Shower room RenderlingNhon Trach2012.10
59KCC Viet Nam Co.LtdCuirtair of Company HuoseLong Thanh2012.08
60POSCO – VSTDesign of o?ce B/DNhon Trach2012.01
61POSCO – VSTFurniture of HCM o?ceDiamond Plaza2012.09
62HYOSUNG VIET NAMSign & Interior for o?ce
Mee ng room remodeling
Nhon Trach2012.04
Furniture & layuot change for it dept2012.04
Furniture & layuot change for TPM dept2012.04
Furniture & remodeling change for record deptles2012.06
Led sign working2012.09
Remodeling for canteen for steel re cord2012.08
Remodeling for re cord sales dept2012.09
Remodeling & Furniture for it dept2012.09
Remodeling for general director room2012.10
63LS Cable & SystemRemodeling & Furniture for LV – O?ceNhon Trach2012.01
Toilet remodeling for LV – Factory2012.03
Showroom remodeling2012.05
Remodeling for UPT – O?ce2012.05
Ducument storage room – Rack2012.06
Remodeling & Furniture for UPT – O?ce2012.12
64POSCO – VIET NAMMaitenance for 1 yearBRVT- Phu My2012.06
Interior for HCM officeDiamond Plaza 9F2012.02
2 inspection room interior & ExteriorBRVT – Phu My2012.12
65POSCO – VHPCMaitenance for 1 yearNhon Trach2012.12
66LEE & VINAShowroom remodeling Binh Duong 2013.01
67HYOSUNG VIET NAM Wall tile working Nhon Trach 2013.02
Remodeling for steel tire cord canteen 2013.02
68LEE & VINAShowroom floor remodeling Binh Duong2013.03
Wall tile & dormitory painting 2013.03
69L & S VINAWall tile & dormitory painting Binh Duong2013.03
70POSCO-VIETNAMMaitenance for 1 year-Recontract BRVT2013.07
71HYOSUNGSpandex led signDong Nai2013.11
72HYOSUNGTextile cord advertising signDong Nai2013.11
73Hung A TireOffice furnitureTay Ninh2014.01
74HYOSUNG-V IETNAMBinh Duong Binh Duong BRVT2014.01
Libertary die2014.01
75POSCO SS-V INADormitoryBRVT2014.02
Main officeBRVT2013.12
MSP & R M seve centerBRVT2013.04
76POSCO-VIETNAMmaintenance for 1yearBRVT-phu my2014.07
77HYOSUNGmainternace and repair for outside wall of main office B/D2016.06
The eight angle chisel workDong Nai2014.08
The canopy for gate2014.09
The security tower2014.09
The remodding od spandex office2014.10
78POSCO-VIETNAMmaintenance for 1yearBRVT-phu my2015.07
79HYOSUNG-VIETNAMmain office remodelingDong Nai2015.07
80HYOSUNG-DONG NAImotor division office interiorDong Nai2015.08
81HYOSUNG-DONG NAISpandex office, Office interiorDong Nai2015.07
Spandex lecture room & Canteen interiorDong Nai
82HYOSUNG-DONG NAImain office interiorDong Nai2015.07
83HYOSUNG-VIETNAMFurniture Account DeptDong Nai2015.10
84HYOSUNG-DONG NAIFurniture Account Dept + VIP roomDong Nai2015.11
85HYOSUNG-DONG NAILecture RoomDong Nai2015.12
86HYOSUNG-VIETNAMElemetary SchoolDong Nai2015.12
87HYOSUNG-VIETNAMInterior of shower booth at document room Dong Nai2015.12
88HYOSUNG-VIETNAMinterview room Dong Nai2016.03
89POSCO-VIETNAMinstall air-conditionalBRVT-phu my2016.03
90HYOSUNG-DONG NAIfurniture – project officeDong Nai2016.04
91HYOSUNG-DONG NAIVP1 Project -Lab-Hood & DieDong Nai2016.04
92HYOSUNG-DONG NAIVN-1Dong Nai2016.04
93HYOSUNG-DONG NAIInnovation for outside wall ACP workingDong Nai2016.05
of Main office BD
94HYOSUNG-VIETNAMProduction support deptDong Nai2016.06
95HYOSUNG-VIETNAMHCM office 17th floor vincom HCMHCM2016.06
96HYOSUNG-DONG NAITopical filmDong Nai2016.06
97POSCO-VIETNAMmaintenance for 1yearBRVT-phu my2016.07
98HYOSUNG-DONG NAIHCM Office lay-out change & furniture add.Dong Nai2016.07
99HYOSUNG-DONG NAINylon(VN-1 Project) Furniture 2ndDong Nai2016.07
PTMG(VP-1 Project) Furniture 2ndDong Nai
PTMG(VP-1 Project) Furniture 3nd
PTMG(VP-1 Project) Steel Shelf
Production Support Dept Desk Change
100HYOSUNG-VIETNAMVIPvisit -RepairDong Nai2016.08
101HYOSUNG-VIETNAMKTX Sample Room Furniture/Electric ProductsDong Nai2016.09
102HYOSUNG-VIETNAMLay out Steel Tire Code Maintenance RoomDong Nai2016.09
103HYOSUNG-VIETNAMNylon(VN-1 Project) InteriorDong Nai2016.10
104HYOSUNG-VIETNAMMain office B/D – Lobby InteriorDong Nai2016.10
105HYOSUNG-VIETNAMKitchen and Hood for Canteen of Tire codeDong Nai2016.11
106HYOSUNG-VIETNAMCanteen EquipmentDong Nai2016.12
106HYOSUNG VIET NAMGeneral Director Room Remodeling (5 rooms)Dong Nai2016.12
107HYOSUNG VIET NAMLecture roomDong Nai2017.01
108HYOSUNG VIET NAMSteel Tire Cord 2F O?ce Building InteriorDong Nai2017.01
109HYOSUNG VIET NAMSteel Tire Cord 3F O?ce Building FurnitureDong Nai2017.01
100HYOSUNG VIET NAMInstallation Steel ShelfDong Nai2017.02
101HYOSUNG VIET NAMChange Lay out (1F & 2F) – Main O?ce BuildingDong Nai2017.02
102HYOSUNG VIET NAMSupply Furniture Production Support Dept.
Lecture room
Dong Nai2017.02
103HYOSUNG VIET NAMSecurity O?ce – Canopy RepairDong Nai2017.02
104HYOSUNG VIET NAMInterior – Steel Tire Cord 2F O?ce Building
(2nd. Addition)
Dong Nai2017.02
105HYOSUNG VIET NAMO?ce extension – Steel Cord O?ce B/DDong Nai2017.02
106HYOSUNG VIET NAMFurniture Supply Director room
Production Support Dept
Dong Nai2017.04
107HYOSUNG VIET NAMMain O?ce 1,2,3 FloorDong Nai2017.04
108HYOSUNG VIET NAMFurniture Supply – Spandex VnDong Nai2017.04
109HYOSUNG VIET NAMInterior – Steel Tire Cord 2F O?ce BuildingDong Nai2017.05
110HYOSUNG CORPHCM O?ce 7th FloorHCM2017.05
111HYOSUNG VIET NAMSupply Furniture – Production Support DeptDong Nai2017.05
112HYOSUNG VIET NAMInterior, Supply And Install The Furniture
For The HCM O?ce – 7th Floor Vincom
113HYOSUNG DONG NAIInterior, Supply And Install The Furniture
For The HCM O?ce – 7th Floor Vincom
114POSCO – VIET NAMmaintenance for 2yearBRVT-phu my2017.07
115HYOSUNG DONG NAIInstall LED screen – Spandex Dong naiDong Nai2017.07
116HYOSUNG VIET NAMInstall LED screen – HCM officeHCM2017.07
117HYOSUNG VIET NAMPlanning DeptHCM2017.06
118HYOSUNG VIET NAMProduction Support DeptHCM2017.06
119HYOSUNG VIET NAMSupply and Install Furniture for 2nd Floor Steel CordHCM2017.08
120SAMSUNG C&TInterior, Supply And Install The FurnitureHCM2017.09
121SAMSUNG WellstorySupply furniture for Canteen Lock & LockHCM2017.09
122CTY TNHH XAY DUNG SWHYOSUNG R&D Conference Room InteriorHCM2017.10
Supply and Install the HCM Furniture

Interior designers constantly concern about the gap between the client’s commands of the ideal space and the reality (typically the budget and the construction time).

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